Sales & Marketing Excecutive in Province Kepri

Our Product Quality is the best. We can manufacture and supply all equipment for mining and non mining. Please contact us for any inquiry.

PT United Tractors Pandu Engineering through its brand, PATRIA was established in February 8, 1983. It was initially built to meet the increasing demand of industries development in Indonesia. As one of Indonesia’s leading company in heavy equipment manufacturing & engineering, PATRIA provides solutions based on customer’s specific needs.

Our business competence lies on our ability to fullfill customer’s requirement through a breakthrough design and innovation, in order to optimize their productivity. Equipped with the latest technology on manufacturing system and qualified engineering of ours, PATRiA will ensure the production runs faster, more efficient and reliable to deliver the product as it’s scheduled. As a completed cycle of the best solutions, PATRiA also gives more value by facilitating customers with excellent after sales services.

PT. Chandra Jaya Indokoresa is as a Sales and Marketing Executive in the province Kepri and sell products as follows

Products: ( mouse over products name to view products picture )

1. Compost Turner | Image | Specification

2. Material Handling | Image | Specification

3. Flat Bed Trailer | Image | Specificaton

4. Bulk Tanker | Image | Specification

5. Concrete MixerImage | Specification

6. Tipper Vessel | Image | Specification

7. Wing Box | Image | Specification